Work asynchronously

Bring all of your collaborators and context together in one place, any time.


Discover our community

Everyone you need to bring your product to market and to sustain it is here. Connect with the community to solve your most pressing design, engineering, and supply chain challenges.

Break the silos limiting your innovation

Bring all of your people, product know-how, and files into one secure space. Share knowledge in the cloud to increase quality and reduce delays

Bring greater clarity and structure to your project

Reduce complexity and increase productivity by visually showing the relationship between your product’s components.

Design, source, and build together

Stop digging through emails to communicate with suppliers. Centralize your RFQ process to increase the number of quotes you receive and reduce lead times.

Control who can access your space

A waterfall system allows you to delegate access rights to team members and external collaborators.

Your space is secure

Build the future in a space that’s protected with 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES) and hosted using AWS’ native cloud security.

The features you need to develop products faster

Visual product breakdown structure

Access control

Securely shares assets with suppliers


Choose the plan that's right for you


For makers and small teams


$0, Free Forever

Maker includes:

  • Up to 2 seats
  • 1 private project
  • Unlimited public projects
  • 500mb file storage
  • Project breakdown structure
  • 256-bit advanced encryption
  • Pro

    Stay synced with your entire team


    $12 seat/month

    $120 seat/year

    All the benefits of maker, plus:

  • Unlimited seats
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Unlimited projects
  • Custom user permissions
  • 10GB file storage
  • User permissions
  • 1:1 training
  • Priority support