Develop products faster while reducing costs

Improve your team’s productivity while reducing risk and cost



Your favorite cloud storage tools work with SILSYNC


Single source of truth

Seamlessly share knowledge across your entire organization and ensure that everyone is working off the most current information.

  • Project timelines
  • Centralized file storage
  • Accessible specs

Project Breakdown Structure

Visually show the relationship between a project’s components to ensure that specifications are clear.

  • Outline and tree view
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Assign stakeholders

Share Assets Securely

Suppliers can easily forward files when they’re shared via email, which puts your IP at-risk. Maintain control with our RFQ system.

  • AWS native cloud security
  • Revoke supplier access
  • View notifications

Access Control

A waterfall permission system allows you to delegate access rights to internal and external collaborators.

  • Read or write access
  • Transfer permissions
  • Revoke permissions

Industrial grade security for every user

Build the future on our modern platform hosted using AWS’ native cloud security. All of your assets are protected with 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES) and every account is protected through single sign on (SSO) with two factor authentication (2FA) through Apple.